Why Edwards Vacuum Pumps are So Popular

One of the pioneers in high vacuum pumping equipment, Edwards Vacuum Pumps was established in the U.K. in1919 and quickly made a name for themselves with vacuum equipment featuring high ultimate vacuum capabilities, great pumping speeds, and incredible reliability. Over the years, Edwards Vacuum Pumps have become the industry standard for scientific and laboratory applications. They feature a rugged, compact, and quiet design while being flexible, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and built-in protection systems.

EdwardsIn addition to being renowned for high ultimate vacuum, rapid pumping speeds, quiet operation, and ability to handle vapor, Edwards high vacuum pumps are inherently compact and vibration-free. Their OSHA friendly fan and coupling housings offer excellent operator protection.

The company provides equipment and services across numerous industries. Edwards manufactures vacuum and abatement equipment designed to provide clean conditions for semiconductor manufacturing processes. General vacuum pumps are used by universities, major research institutes, national laboratories, and industrial R&D facilities. The vacuum pumps and controllers provide a sterile environment for the production of analytical instruments. Dry vacuum pump systems are popular among chemical, pharmaceutical, and biofuel industries due to the fact that the lack of oil makes for less contamination.

Edwards Vacuum Pumps are a staple in the vacuum pump industry for their wide range of applications and for being user friendly. We here at A-VAC Industries are glad to be able to sell and repair Edwards pumps and accessories. To learn more about our services visit our website or call us at 714-938-1300.

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