Vacuum Pumps and How to Improve their Lifespan

These are the best recommendations for improving your vacuum pump lifespan and making sure it works smoothly.

Tips to Improve Your Vacuum Pump Lifespan

Vacuum Pump OilVacuum Pump Oil

  • The first thing you should do is make sure you're using the correct sort of oil for your pump. Vacuum pump oil is specially designed for use in vacuum pumps, and according to the design and application for your pump.
  • Always ensure that the oil is filled to the proper level, which should be checked and adjusted while the pump is running
  • When changing your oil, warm up the pump for around 20 minutes before draining and changing the oil.
  • Before beginning your procedure, check the color, clarity, and level of your pump oil, as well as periodically throughout usage.

Keep your Vacuum Pump Cool

  • The inherent enemy of every pump is heating. Fresh air should be available to your pump. If it's enclosed, use a fan to keep it cool. Install the pump in an open location,if at all possible. The heat will reduce your oil's viscosity, limiting its capacity to pull a good vacuum. Things can quickly deteriorate if your vacuum pump does not pull a good vacuum.
  • Unintentional application circumstances might cause a pump to overwork and overheat the oil. When oil is overheated, it typically smells like it's been burnt. When overheated oil cools, it might solidify, causing the pump to lock up.


  • If possible, do not leave a pump under vacuum when turning it off. If you're not using the pump, make sure the intake line is vented before or after you turn off the power.
  • Install a ball valve between the vacuum chamber and the vacuum pump so that when the pump is switched off, the vacuum line can be shut off, preventing vacuum oil from the pump crankcase from entering the vacuum chamber.
  • The majority of pumps lack an on/off switch. Pumps, for example, are frequently tucked beneath a bench or into the rear of the equipment they support. As a result, getting to the switch becomes more difficult. However, using an electrical switch to operate a pump is generally considered a bad form. Allowing a pump to run as needed and using a vacuum isolation valve is preferable. It is preferred to run the pump while drawing a vacuum against a closed vacuum valve rather than turning the device on and off electrically. The electrical switch should be used to turn the unit off at the end of the day, while throughout the day a valve can be used to manipulate the vacuum as needed.

Professional Assistance with an Edwards Vacuum PumpProfessional Assistance

  • If you suspect that something is wrong with your vacuum pump or that it needs to be serviced, you should get it examined. A professional perspective can assist you in extending the life of your pump. If you notice that your vacuum pump isn't performing as well as it once did, or if you hear strange noises emanating from it, you should get assistance and have it repaired by a professional like Vacuum Pump Repair USA. Please contact us at 800-747-2821 if you have any questions about your vacuum pumping equipment or you need a vacuum pump service. We will be happy to assist you!
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