How Can I Tell When My Vacuum Pump Requires an Oil Refill?

When properly maintained, vacuum pumps can significantly improve the consistency and efficiency of manufacturing equipment. To do so, however, these pumps must be serviced regularly. Changing the oil is part of that upkeep.

Why Should You Refill Your Oil? Why Should You Refill Your Oil?

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps use oil to transfer air, liquid, and process byproducts. It is essential for peak performance. However, refilling the oil in these pumps momentarily shuts down the system, creating production delays. It may be tempting to skip or reduce routine oil changes, but doing so may cause the machine to fail sooner than usual and, worse, induce process variability in your process. When your oil degrades, it can affect vacuum levels, resulting in reduced productivity and, eventually, lost earnings.

When Should You Replace the Oil?

When opting to change the oil in your vacuum pump, the first resource to examine is the manual. Vacuum pumps usually have a manual outlining maintenance procedures, such as oil changes. Due to the kind of application, it's crucial to keep in mind that oil refilling may be required more frequently than the suggested intervals.


The color of your oil might provide an accurate indicator of when to change it. Although it should be light, your equipment will operate in multiple acceptable hues. If the oil in your vacuum pump is orange or deeper in color, it is time to drain and replace it.


The oil should be thick and mostly clear. If the oil in your vacuum pump appears foamy or milky when you inspect it, it might mean that there is a leak in the system or that moisture has mixed in with the oil. In this case, you should drain and replace the oil, but also inspect your system for leaks.


If you've been keeping your pump for 3 to 6 months, you should change the oil before using it again. Long periods of inactivity can cause oil to degrade, making the pump less efficient. Labeling your pumps before storing them might help you determine which ones require an oil change.


Conduct oil changes as part of your regular maintenance to lengthen the lifespan of your vacuum pumps. Changing the oil at regular intervals, rather than waiting until it becomes darker or murky, helps keep the machine working at peak performance for a longer time and prevents unexpected equipment problems.

Changing the oil in your vacuum pumps is essential for keeping your systems functioning smoothly and increasing production. If you don't know when to undertake this maintenance, consult your manual and the look of the oil in your machine, or contact Vacuum Pump Repair USA. We care about your vacuum pump and your company's productivity, so we offer you the most reliable and professional vacuum pump service in the country. Contact us today!

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