Vacuum Pump Repair USA’s Repair Procedures

We know how important it is for you to repair your vacuum pump and how challenging it can be to find the best specialist to do the job right and efficiently. So we want to share with you the procedure and steps we carefully follow to perform and provide the best service life for your equipment.

After 50 years in the vacuum pump repair industry and after working with most major brands of vacuum pumps, our company has developed the following procedure to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Step 1: Initial Inspection. The ultimateInitial Edwards Vacuum Pump Inspection pressure is measured, the motor amperage is recorded, a visual inspection is performed, and all extra parts and accessories are documented.

Step 2: Disassembly. Your pump has been completely disassembled and drained. Hazardous materials are transported to an EPA-certified waste disposal facility.

Step 3:Estimating. All parts are examined for excessive wear, tolerances are checked, and any failure is analyzed. The estimate is now written and submitted to be approved by the customer.

Step 4: Decontamination. To remove paint, rust, and oil, all pump parts are cleaned using a solvent rinse, high-temperature caustic chemical cleaning, and a neutralizing bath.

Assembly Edwards Vacuum PumpStep 5: Assembly. After receiving authorization, parts are deburred and hand-lapped, and the pump is assembled using all new wear parts, such as shaft seals, exhaust valves, vanes, o-rings, gaskets, etc. Which have been recharged with distilled hydrocarbon or PFPE vacuum pump fluid.

Step 6: Painting. High-gloss acrylic enamel is used to paint standard pumps. Pumps with a specialty fluid charge, such as Fomblin or Krytox, are painted white.

Step 7: 24 – 36  Hour Quality Control Run and Test. All pumps are run for a minimum of 24 hours during which time temperature, amperage, exhaust emission, and ultimate vacuum are monitored.

Step 8: Quality Control. A Quality Inspector Manager inspects your industrial vacuum pump to ensure proper operation and the inclusion of all accessories previously documented in Step 1.

Step 9: Final Inspection Report. The Final Inspection Report checks and documents ultimate pressure, motor amperage, safety, and proper operation of all accessories.

Step 10: Shipping. Your pump is tagged with all pertinent information, including motor voltage, ultimate pressure, date of repair, type of oil, etc., wrapped in plastic and palleted, or prepared for VPRUSA delivery or pick up.

Now that you have read our procedures for any vacuum pump repairs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is being repaired with the highest quality parts and by factory-trained technicians with 50 years of experience. Plus, we provide a quick turnaround time, cost-effective pricing, exclusive 1-year warranty, friendly technical support, and extra safety checks to ensure your equipment is in pristine shape. We are your best option for vacuum pump service in the USA. Contact us today!

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