Vacuum Gauge Calibration

Vacuum Gauge Calibration

A vacuum gauge is a pressure gauge used to measure pressure in a vacuum. Different vacuum gauges are required, depending on the kind of vacuum system and the desired operating vacuum level, to properly determine and/or manage the vacuum level of the chamber at any given time, typically in combination with one another.Vacuum gauges are … Read more

Vacuum Pump Repair USA’s Repair Procedures

Disassembly of the Edwards Vacuum Pump

We know how important it is for you to repair your vacuum pump and how challenging it can be to find the best specialist to do the job right and efficiently. So we want to share with you the procedure and steps we carefully follow to perform and provide the best service life for your … Read more

Reasons to Calibrate Your Vacuum Gauge and Helium Leak Standard

Edwards New Helium Leak Detector

Choosing the right vacuum gauge or leak standard is only the beginning of insuring accuracy and consistency in your process or application. Calibration insures that your measurements are accurate and within your specified limits. All measuring equipment loses accuracy with time, usually as a result of normal wear and tear from continuous usage. This is … Read more

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Repair Service

Dry Scroll Pump

When dry pumping is required, dry scroll pumps have shown to be a clean and efficient vacuum pump option. They can be used in a wide variety of applications like high-energy physics applications, helium recirculation, freeze dryers, and more. Dry scroll pumps have many advantages over their liquid counterparts:They don’t use oil, so they’re free … Read more

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair Service

A Rotary Vane Vacuum pump is one of the most common vacuum pumps out there, that’s why it is essential for us to offer a repair service available in the US. Vacuum Pump Repair USA has specialized in rotary vane vacuum pump repair and service since 1969. So, what actually is a rotary vane vacuum … Read more

Don’t Replace It, Repair It

Vacuum Pump Repair USA has specialized in vacuum pump repairs in the Southern California area since 1969.  Vacuum Pump Repair USA works with dozens of different vacuum pump brands, and our 50 years of knowledge goes into every repair. Your pump will be inspected by our factory-trained technicians, covering all aspects of the pump operation, … Read more

Why Edwards Vacuum Pumps are So Popular

Edwards Vacuum Pump Repair

One of the pioneers in high vacuum pumping equipment, Edwards Vacuum Pumps was established in the U.K. in1919 and quickly made a name for themselves with vacuum equipment featuring high ultimate vacuum capabilities, great pumping speeds, and incredible reliability. Over the years, Edwards Vacuum Pumps have become the industry standard for scientific and laboratory applications. … Read more

How Vacuum Pumps are used in Cannabis Distillation

Short-path distillation is a technique used when the distillate travels a short distance at a reduced pressure in order to separate a liquid into different compounds to receive its desired materials. Short-path distillation allows different cannabis compounds such as CBD and THC to be separated from the untreated cannabis oil. After separation the compounds such … Read more

Vacuum Pump Repairs: Noises, Leaks and Amps

A well-maintained Vacuum Pump will last many years. Occasionally, issues do arise and your pump might need repair. And sometimes these issues are difficult to decipher without an expert there. But there are some initial steps you can take to troubleshoot a cranky vacuum pump. When analyzing pump problems, look for the 4 following things:NoisesLeaksUltimate … Read more

Improving your Research with Vacuum-Driven Applications

Medicinal Chemists, Organic Chemists, Biochemists, Biologists, Molecular Biologists and other scientists rely upon Vacuum-Driven Devices to concentrate, dry, or filter their materials. Vacuum Pump Repair USA ensures that if your Vacuum pump system is not performing optimally; it can slow preparation of research-critical samples by as much as 50%-100%!This can have a significant impact on … Read more

Vacuum Pump Repair