4 Solutions to Prevent Outgassing in Vacuum Systems

4 Solutions to Prevent Outgassing in Vacuum Systems

What is Outgassing?Several factors contribute to a system’s gas load. Outgassing is frequently the dominant process at pressures below 0.1 mbar. It occurs as a result of previously adsorbed molecules desorbing, bulk diffusion, penetration, and vaporization. Adsorption is characterized by five (or six) classification isotherms and involves the two basic processes of physisorption and chemisorption. … Read more

How Can I Tell When My Vacuum Pump Requires an Oil Refill?

How Can I Tell When My Vacuum Pump Requires an Oil Refill?

When properly maintained, vacuum pumps can significantly improve the consistency and efficiency of manufacturing equipment. To do so, however, these pumps must be serviced regularly. Changing the oil is part of that upkeep.Why Should You Refill Your Oil? Oil-sealed vacuum pumps use oil to transfer air, liquid, and process byproducts. It is essential for peak … Read more

Vacuum Pumps and How to Improve their Lifespan

Vacuum Pumps and How to Improve their Lifespan

These are the best recommendations for improving your vacuum pump lifespan and making sure it works smoothly.Tips to Improve Your Vacuum Pump Lifespan Vacuum Pump OilThe first thing you should do is make sure you’re using the correct sort of oil for your pump. Vacuum pump oil is specially designed for use in vacuum pumps, … Read more

Edwards Vacuum Pump Repair

Edwards Vacuum

History:  Edwards Vacuum was founded in 1919 by Physicist F. D. Edward in South London, England. The business first started importing vacuum equipment before commencing independent manufacturing of their own vacuum pumps. The first Edwards vacuum pump was designed and launched in 1937 and was known as the Speedivac Pump. By 1946 Edwards had designed … Read more

What Makes Vacuum Pump Repair USA Your Best Option?

Estimating Edwards Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Repair USA is a Southern California industrial Vacuum Pump Service Repair specialist since 1969. We repair vacuum pumps and vacuum blowers from all over the USA. We believe in teamwork: You break it. We fix it. We provide rapid response and quality service. But those aren’t the only things we bring to you, … Read more

Gas Ballast and Its Relevance to a Vacuum Pump

How Does Gas Ballast Work

Air or gas pumped out of a vacuum system always contains vapor. This vapor will condense in the pump’s compression stage. If you don’t get rid of it, it will turn into a pollutant that prevents the vacuum pump from functioning at its best. As a pollutant, condensate can also penetrate the pump’s mechanism and … Read more

Vacuum Pump Repair USA’s Repair Procedures

Disassembly of the Edwards Vacuum Pump

We know how important it is for you to repair your vacuum pump and how challenging it can be to find the best specialist to do the job right and efficiently. So we want to share with you the procedure and steps we carefully follow to perform and provide the best service life for your … Read more

Reasons to Calibrate Your Vacuum Gauge and Helium Leak Standard

Edwards New Helium Leak Detector

Choosing the right vacuum gauge or leak standard is only the beginning of insuring accuracy and consistency in your process or application. Calibration insures that your measurements are accurate and within your specified limits. All measuring equipment loses accuracy with time, usually as a result of normal wear and tear from continuous usage. This is … Read more

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump Repair Service

Dry Scroll Pump

When dry pumping is required, dry scroll pumps have shown to be a clean and efficient vacuum pump option. They can be used in a wide variety of applications like high-energy physics applications, helium recirculation, freeze dryers, and more. Dry scroll pumps have many advantages over their liquid counterparts:They don’t use oil, so they’re free … Read more

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair Service

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Repair Service

A Rotary Vane Vacuum pump is one of the most common vacuum pumps out there, that’s why it is essential for us to offer a repair service available in the US. Vacuum Pump Repair USA has specialized in rotary vane vacuum pump repair and service since 1969. So, what actually is a rotary vane vacuum … Read more

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